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hey. I'm a Ramune fan (or addict) for a few years now. Its cool how theres a community for it. ^_^
I have a private reserve of Ramune in my fridge, since I found a place in Chinatown (In NYC) that sells them for 5$ for a 6pack, so of course, I went crazy. ^_^
I've also tried the other flavors of Ramune too, but I still like the original, as well as Ramune Candies. ^_^
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I've found several Asian markets that carry it in my area. Unfortunatly, the prices range from $1 per bottle to almost $2. Sometimes in one store two different brands will be different prices, even though you get the same amount and the same flavor. ;.;
wow, hook me up..
That's nothing... The -only- place within a two-hour drive in my area, sells em for $3 a bottle (or 2 for $5)
wow! yeah. I remember when I used to pay prices like that.

(btw, wow. I made this post a looong time ago. hehe. ^_~)